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Car towing services in Pizarra

Car towing in Pizarra and assistance

24 hour towing service.

We have a large fleet of trucks fitted with sliding platforms for transporting vehicles of differing tonnages to provide assistance for every need from a motorcycle, cars and vehicles to 3500kg. Plus we have a wide range of tools to make our on site repairs.

  • Motorcycles
  • Turismos
  • Auto Caravans
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Vehicles without wheels (by theft or other reasons)
  • Crashed or immobilised vehicles ( locked, brakes, steering, automatic gearbox, etc)
  • Vans & oversized vehicles
  • Supply/provision of a boom for rescues
  • Agricultural machinery
Car towing in Pizarra with  on site repairs

Our on site repairs

  • Change of wheels, charge batteries, etc.
  • Equipment For opening vehicles without damage (losses of keys, etc.)
  • Unlock Vehicle (brakes, gearbox A / T, transmissions, etc.)

Other services

  • Assistance in underground car parks and garages.
  • Assistance both on motorways and on rural roads.
  • Rescue crane for crashed vehicles off the road, overturning, etc.
  • Collection and processing of vehicles for scrap.
  • Services For ITV.
  • Storage and custody of vehicles at our purpose built site.

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